Straight Cut Fries                              $8
Golden fries served with aioli and tomato sauce

Cheese Bites                                    $8
Six individual broccoli cheese bites served with aioli and lemon

Wedges                                         $9
Seasoned wedges, served with sour cream and sweet chili

Garlic Bread                                    $9
Toasted French stick with garlic butter

Pick and Mix Plate                             $12
All the best bits including chicken nuggets, fish bites, mini
hotdogs, spring rolls and fries. Served with tomato sauce

Deluxe Wedges                             $12
Seasoned wedges topped with bacon, cheese, sour cream and sweet chili

Quesadilla                                       $16
Flour tortillas filled with cream cheese, chicken, capsicum, jalapeños
red onion and mozzarella. Served with tomato salsa

Nachos        HALF         $12 FULL         $16

Corn chips topped with our own beef and chili mix, melted cheese,
sour cream and salsa
Chicken Wings
Southern style coated wings served with a choice of BBQ or Sweet Chili Sauce

6 Wings       $9       12 Wings               $17


Toasted Sandwiches

With any 3 fillings and fries $8.0

Extra fillings $1.0 each

Fillings: -Ham-Chicken-Bacon-Pineapple-


Kids Menu

Chicken nuggets & fries $8.0

Fish bites & fries $8.0

Cherrios & fries $8.0