Mains and platters


Southern fried Chicken Burger   $15.0
Chicken thigh fried in our sothern style coating with lettuce, cheese. tomato, aioli and sweet thai chili.

Lamb wrap with fries   $15.0
Spiced lamb, lettuce, carrot, capsicum, red onion, hummus and coriander yoghurt in a wheat flour wrap..

Grilled chicken sandwich   $15.0
Moroccas spiced chicken thigh with lettuce, tomato aioli and coriander yoghurt served on a toasted ciabatte bread.

Chicken Salad   $15.0
Marinated chicken thigh with lettuice, tomate, carrot, red onion and capsisum tossed in a yoghurt dressing

Slow Roasted Pork Belly   $20.0
Roast pork belly with mashed potato, seasonal veges and jus.

250g Sirloin Steak   $25.0
Sirloin steak gilled to your liking and served with fries and a salad. Comes with your choice of poached or fried eggs.



Asian Snack Platter   –    half - $30.0   /   Large $60.0 
A selection of spring rolls, samosas, prawn twisters, dim sims & wontons served with Asian dipping sauces (can be made vegetarian).

Antipasto Platter   –    half - $35.0   /   Large $65.0 
A selection of sliced meats, cheeses, pickles, olives, crackers and dips

Kids Party Platter   –    half - $30.0   /   Large $60.0 
Chicken nuggets, mini hot dogs, mini mince pies, fish goujons, spring rolls, cheerios & fries with tomato sauce. 

BBQ Meat Platter   –    half - $35.0   /   Large $65.0  
Grilled pork belly, chicken wings, kransky sausages and lamb koftas with a selection of dipping sauces.

Seafood Platter   –    half - $40.0   /   Large $70.0 
Prawn cutlets, salt and pepper squid, crumbed scallops and fish goujons, served with tomate sause, aioli and lemon.

Half Time Hotdogs   –    12 for - $30.0
Grilled kranskys served with warmed buns and a selection of toppings and sauces so you can build your own with you favourite flavours